• Keynote address & Church presentation-Pirate On!
  • Leadership & the brain 
  • author -  Pirate On! (September 2016 release)

Pirate On!

Hal reflects on his experience in the NFL and 30 years in leadership to deliver his unique message, using the acronym PIRATES for:

Passion/Persistence; Immersion/Integrity/Innovation; Rapport/Relationships;

Ask/Analyze; Tranformation/Trust; Enthusiasm/Empower; Service/Sacrifice-to speak on living and leading.His motivational talk will leave you transformed and inspired. Pirates journey into new frontiers with confidence & swagger. Pirates take risks and will do whatever it takes to grab the bounty. Join Hal on his voyage into the high seas, leaving behind the dreary and monotonous for a swashbuckling experience. Hal also will deliver a speech on the neuroscience of the leadership brain, titled "The Nuerocardiologist Leader"...fascinating!                            Pirate on!

Sail away from safe harbour.Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover - Mark Twain